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Wiki Monkey is a MediaWiki-compatible bot and editor assistant that can be used directly within wiki pages in the browser as a user script. Currently it is tested on Firefox, Chromium and Opera, but it is very likely to work also on other browsers out of the box or with minor adaptations. Wiki Monkey can also be easily extended through the creation of plugins, exploiting its API.

The project is currently focused on ArchWiki, and as such most plugins address ArchWiki-specific problems.


Follow the upstream documentation.

Note: Since the ArchWiki is served through HTTPS, Opera users will have to follow the instructions in the related note.
Tip: The names of ArchWiki-specific configurations appear in the configurations table with an "ArchWiki-" prefix.

Tour of the features

After installing the desired version of Wiki Monkey, start visiting the editor of this very page, you will find Wiki Monkey's interface right below the Save page button row. As you can see there are some buttons, each of which will execute a plugin action (see Bundled plugins for detailed information):

  • Fix header reorders the elements in the header, warns about possible problems (e.g. lack of category) and tries to fix some.
  • Fix headings tries to fix the levels of section headings so that they start from level 2 and do not increase by more than 1 level with relation to the parent section.
  • Use code templates replaces <pre>, <code> and <tt> with Template:bc and Template:ic, taking care of adding numbered parameters or <nowiki> tags when necessary.
  • Expand contractions expands some common English contractions, e.g. "don't" becomes "do not".
  • Multiple line breaks compresses multiple empty lines into one.
  • RegExp substitution lets you perform a regular expression substitution.
  • Sync interlanguage links * synchronizes the interlanguage links of the edited page with those of its translations.
  • Fix old AUR links ** converts direct AUR-1.x package links to instances of Template:AUR.

By pressing one of them, the text in the editor will be modified, but note that the page will not be saved, so you will still be able to see the diff or the preview and perform other modifications manually. The Execute row and Execute all buttons are used to execute more plugins one after the other, thus saving some clicks.

At the bottom of Wiki Monkey's interface you will always find the log area, on dark background, where Wiki Monkey and its plugins will output their messages.

Now, if you have installed the "Patrol Lite", "Patrol" or "Bot" configuration, visit Special:RecentChanges and select a diff from the list: right below the diff panes you will find Wiki Monkey's interface. Here the only bundled plugin is Quick report, which adds a row with a link to the visited diff in the specialized table of ArchWiki:Reports.

At this point, if you have installed the "Bot" configuration, visit Special:SpecialPages: at the top of the page you will find those plugins that have a generic purpose and are not based on a specific page: the only currently available plugin is a function to update Table of Contents pages.

Finally, if you have installed the "Bot" configuration, visit the Category of this article: right at the top you will find Wiki Monkey's bot interface, whose usage is explained in the upstream documentation; other pages where you can find the bot are What Links Here pages and many of the list pages linked from Special:SpecialPages. The available plugins for the bot are a regular expression substitution function and a tool for synchronizing the interlanguage links of the pages with those of their translations*. The External links search page also provides a plugin for converting direct AUR-1.x package links to instances of Template:AUR**.

* The Chromium-native, Opera and standalone configurations can only synchronize local languages.

** Available only for the Scriptish/Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey configurations.

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