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From the WindowLab Homepage:

What is WindowLab?
WindowLab is a small and simple window manager of novel design.

It has a click-to-focus but not raise-on-focus policy, a window resizing 
mechanism that allows one or many edges of a window to be changed in one 
action, and an innovative menubar that shares the same part of the screen 
as the taskbar. Window titlebars are prevented from going off the edge of 
the screen by constraining the mouse pointer, and when appropriate the 
pointer is also constrained to the taskbar/menubar in order to make target 
menu items easier to hit.

Check the homepage out at:

Setting up WindowLab in Arch Linux is very simple, and is done just like it's done in other distro's. Download the latest version from the homepage, unpack it somewhere, your home-dir, /download, /usr/programs or where you choose to put these kinds of things. Edit stuff in windowlab.h to change colors, fonts and settings. (Yes, this is compiled into the binary. Fast but not very beautiful. This is one thing FonsterLab intends to change.) Then simply make and make install it. To use it with startx, add a exec windowlab to your .xinitrc. If you use a display manager, add the line to .xsession instead. The best thing would probably be to symlink one to the other. The entire installation is described in commands below.

$ cd $HOME
$ wget ~
$ tar xvf windowlab-1.31.tar
$ cd windowlab-1.31
$ vim windowlab.h
$ make
$ su
# make install
# exit
$ cd ..
$ rm .xsession
$ ln -s .xinitrc .xsession
$ echo exec windowlab > .xinitrc

Please note that the above commands will change if you're using a newer version of WindowLab, and these are written from the top of my head, so there are probably errors. Use <TAB> to autocomplete, it helps.

For information on how to use the rather strange window manager, check the homepage. And don't think you'll figure it out, you won't. It's very nice when you know it though.

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