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A wordpress package is in the community repo. Install it with:

pacman -Sy wordpress


One must have a working PHP installation and, obviously, a web server. Reference yourself to the LAMP article of this wiki.


Since wordpress installs files in /usr/share/webapps/wordpress you should add a configuration file.

A basic example is:

       Alias /wordpress "/usr/share/webapps/wordpress"
       <Directory "/usr/share/webapps/wordpress">
               AllowOverride All
               Options FollowSymlinks
               Order allow,deny
               Allow from all
               php_admin_value open_basedir "/srv/:/tmp/:/usr/share/webapps/:/etc/webapps:$

Additional configuration may be added to the file.

Also you must include such configuration file on /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf by adding the line:

      Include conf/extra/httpd-wordpress.conf

Now restart apache and it should work by addressing your browser to http://localhost/wordpress


  • Can't install plugins, themes ... (using cherokee web server)
# cd /srv/http/
# chown -R http wordpress