Writing Article Overviews

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The main purpose of article overviews is to enable quick identification of the article's topic. On ArchWiki, an article overview is a short summary text that appears under the article title. Article overview can be viewed both in terms of the textual content, and its formatting, and this article will discuss both.

Who should read this article

This article was written to assist wiki writers and editors in creating effective articles and expand the ArchWiki readers' experience.

You are not required to know how to edit a wiki page in order to follow this article. This page is a more general style guide, rather than a technical editing howto.

Article overviews

When a reader first encounters the page, the first thing he or she notices is the article overview. Therefore, an overview has the task of quickly identifying the topic for the readers.

The text

An effective article is one that fulfills its intended purpose. In order to fulfil its purpose, an article must introduce a method. You make your article effective by clearly defining the methods and the purpose.