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XChat is a multi-platform IRC chat program.

Gnome 3

To use the new Notifications and messaging tray, activate the following options in Settings > Preferences > Chatting > Alerts:

  • Show tray balloons
  • Blink tray icon (optional)
  • Enable system tray icon: unchecked (the icon appears automatically if you have pending notifications)

Spell Check

You can enable spell check as-you-type in the preferences, but you might notice that the red squiggly lines never appear, no matter how hard you try to write badly. To enable it completely, you need to install not just the optional dependency enchant, but also the correct dictionary. Find your correct dictionary by searching for hunspell.

$ pacman -Ss hunspell

Pick out the correct one and install it, eg for English you'll need hunspell-en. You may need to restart XChat after this.

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