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This article is about the Nintendo Wii Remote Linux kernel driver. This driver is part of upstream Linux since version 3.1. It is an easy to use drop-in replacement for the older user-space drivers like cwiid. You can use your Wii Remote for all purposes with this driver, for instance as an X input device or joystick controller for your Linux games.


  • Bluetooth
  • xwiimote kernel driver
  • Wii Remote hardware

The most important piece required is Bluetooth, this must already be configured and running without the help of this guide. This should be simple enough with any guide found on the Internet. The kernel driver is part of upstream Linux since version 3.1. The module is called Template:Codeline. If it is not available in your kernel, you need to compile the module yourself. The Arch Linux kernel should include it starting with version 3.1.

Lastly you will need a Wii Remote, this can include (although, are not required) the Nunchuk and Classic Controller attachments.

Connect the Wii Remote

You can connect to your Wii Remote like any other Bluetooth device. See Bluetooth article about information on pairing Bluetooth devices. The Wii Remote does not need special handling anymore.

Device Handling

If your Wii Remote is connected, it will appear with several input devices inside Template:Filename. You can list all Wii Remotes with:

ls /sys/bus/hid/devices

Then you can get additional device details with:

ls /sys/bus/hid/devices/<devid>/

The default mapping for the input-keys of the Wii Remotes are not very useful. Userspace applications that re-map the Wii Remote input to more useful keys/actions are still under development [1].

Infrared Sources

The Wii Remote includes an infrared camera. To use this camera as a pointer input device, you need an IR-rack as an infrared source. Possible infrared sources are:

  • Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar
  • Wireless sensor bar - check eBay!
  • Small candles (should have about 30cm distance)
  • Home made sensor bar ([2])


The input mapping is quite weird

The default mapping maps the Wii Remote keys to the the key-constants which resemble the Wii Remote's buttons best. This mapping is quite useless by default. To get better mappings, use the xwiimote userspace tools.