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Xbindkeys is a program that enables us to assign specific functions, to a certain key on the keyboard. Xbindkeys work with multimedia keys and is window manager / DE independent, so if you switch much xbindkeys is very handy.


You can install xbindkeys from the standard repo's

# pacman -S xbindkeys

And you can also install the gui for xbindkeys [1] which is in AUR


Create a file .xbindkeysrc in your home dir

  touch ~/.xbindkeysrc

Now you can either use the .xbindkeysrc to set keybindings or you can do that with the GUI


If you want to assign a shortcut key to a key run;

  xbindkeys -k

Give the command, you get the blank window that you want to assign a shortcut key when the selected key. For example i want to assign Alt + o I just run xbindkeys -k and press the key combination, this gives the following output:

 "(Scheme function)"
    m: alt + o: 120

( Use xbindkeys -mk to keep the key promt open, ^Q exits )

Now you can copy these three lines to .xbindkeysrc and fill an command in "(Scheme function)" , then you will get something like this:

 "amixer set Master toggle"
    m:0x0 + c:160

The first line represents the command , the second the key , the third the symbol ( but there isn't any).

GUI method

If you installed the xbindkeys_config package, just run :



Once your done configuring your keys edit your ~/.xinitrc and place

  xbindkeys &

Before your windows manager / DE starts