Xerox Phaser 3100MFP

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This article describes setup of Xerox Phaser 3100MFP on Arch Linux x86_64. For this device Xerox provides only 32bit version of drivers and no open-source drivers are available, it makes setup a bit tricky. On x86 you should just install drivers from official site and configure as usual.


Plug in your device and turn it of. You should see something like this:

$ lsusb -v
Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0924:3cef Xerox 
Device Descriptor:
  idVendor           0x0924 Xerox
  idProduct          0x3cef 
  bcdDevice            1.00
  iManufacturer           1 XEROX
  iProduct                2  Phaser 3100MFP
  iSerial                 3 L508104LE514587

Grabbing drivers

It's easy, you can download drivers from official Xerox website using you browser or just do the following:

# mkdir scanner
# mkdir printer
# wget
# wget
# tar -xf XeroxPhaser3100-1.0-linux-2.6Debian-intel.tar.gz -C printer/
# tar -xf XeroxPhaser3100sc-1.0-linux-2.6Debian-intel.tar.gz -C scanner/

On my system i use drivers for Debian, but i think there is really no differences which drivers to download.


OK, first of all we need to install CUPS:

# pacman -S cups

Since 1.4.x version CUPS requires usblp kernel module to be unloaded, so next step is to remove module:

# rmmod usblp

If you don't want to do it any time you boot, just blacklist kernel module: Template:File Execute driver installer and accept licence:

# cd printer
# ./XeroxPhaser3100.install

Start CUPS:

# /etc/rc.d/cups start
:: Starting CUPS Daemon                                                  [DONE]