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From Xfwm - Introduction:

The Xfce 4 Window Manager is part of the Xfce Desktop Environment... The window manager is responsible for the placement of windows on the screen, provides the window decorations and allows you for instance to move, resize or close them. xfwm4 adheres strongly to the standards defined on freedesktop.org.
Consequently, special features such as making windows borderless, or providing an icon for the application must now be implemented in the application; you can no longer use the window manager to force different behaviour.
xfwm4 includes its own compositing manager, which takes advantage of the new X.org's server extensions. The compositor is like a WM on its own, it manages a stack of all windows, monitor all kinds on X event and reacts accordingly. Having the compositing manager embedded in the window manager also helps keeping the various visual effects in sync with window events.


Install xfwm4 from the official repositories.

Starting Xfwm

To run xfwm as stand-alone, edit your ~/.xinitrc and add the following line

exec xfwm4

It can also be started with its compositor turned off by adding the following line instead of the one above

exec xfwm4 -compositor=off


Changing settings through the binaries provided

Most of the xfwm settings can be accessed through the three binaries provided by the xfwm package from the official repository. These are xfwm4-settins, xfwm4-tweaks-settings, and xfwm4-workspace-settings.

Change the default theme, keybinding, focus settings, and workspace settings

To change the xfwm default theme, keybindings, focus settings and a few other options, execute:


Additional settings relevant to the topics above can be changed by executing


To edit the number of workspaces and their names, execute


Extra settings provided by the xfce settings manager

Install xfce4-settings from the official repositories

Warning: Installing xfce4-settings may change the default applications for certain tasks. See xdg-open to set the default applications to your liking.

Additional Themes

Install xfwm4-themes from the official repositories

The themes installed will be shown in the xfwm4-settings window.


No icons shown in browser for downloaded items

This is fixed by installing xfce4-settings from the official repositories.