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Xmameis an arcade machine emulator in Linux. With proper ROMs, Xmame stars out with a series of emulators and over 5000 games. Unfortunately, arcade ROM images for individual games are a legal gray area for PC users. You are warned, if you are to download such ROMs. Sorry for my English, I hope my English teacher won't see my words here.

Installation & Configuration

Pull down Xmame using pacman:

#pacman -S xmame-sdl

su to local user and generate the configuration file:

$xmame -showconfig > ~/.xmame/xmamerc

The generated configuration file should have contained the basic entries to start the emulation. Xmame uses a ":" seperated rompath to find out which dirs to search for ROMs. To put different kinds of roms in specified directory, just add a directory to the rompath line

Download ROMs

  • ROMs are protected by PR, so it's illegal to download them. If you understand this, and willing to take the risk, follow the following instructions to prepare them for xmame:
  1. For emulator ROMs, download them form linuxfans, which is a Chinese linux community. After Extracting the zip, you get a series of ROMs which is in compressed by zip. Put the zip files in /usr/share/xmame/roms.
  1. An amazing website has collected over 5000 ROMs of individual games. Store them to your specified directory, or just put them in /usr/share/xmame/roms.

Start emulating

To play game, issue the following command form the command prompt.

$xmame game.zip 

Press TAB to customize the input keys. Happy emulating!