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zh-CN:Xmame Xmame is an arcade machine emulator in Linux. With proper ROMs, Xmame stars out with a series of emulators and over 5000 games. Unfortunately, arcade ROM images for individual games are a legal gray area for PC users. You are warned, if you are to download such ROMs.

Installation & Configuration

Install xmame-sdlAUR from the AUR.

su to local user and generate the configuration file:

$ xmame -showconfig > ~/.xmame/xmamerc

The generated configuration file should have contained the basic entries to start the emulation. Xmame uses a ":" seperated rompath to find out which dirs to search for ROMs. To put different kinds of roms in specified directory, just add a directory to the rompath line

Download ROMs

  • ROMs are protected by copyright, so it's illegal to download them most of the time in most parts of the world. If you understand this, and willing to take the risk, follow the following instructions to prepare them for xmame:
  1. For emulator ROMs, Put the zip files in /usr/share/xmame/roms.
  2. For game ROMs, store them to your specified directory, or just put them in /usr/share/xmame/roms.

Start emulating

To play game, issue the following command form the command prompt.

$ xmame game.zip 

Press TAB to customize the input keys after the game starts. Happy emulating!