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[[Category:Package management (Српски)]]
#REDIRECT: [[AUR helpers]]
[[Category:Arch User Repository (Српски)]]
Razmislite pre nego zatražite podršku:
*'''''Yaourt je nezvanična, nepodržana third-party skripta.'''''
*Prijavite greške na [http://bugs.archlinux.fr archlinux.fr bugtracker]
'''Y'''et '''A'''n'''O'''ther '''U'''ser '''R'''epository '''T'''ool. Yaourt is a community-contributed wrapper for pacman which adds seamless access to the [[AUR]], allowing and automating package compilation and installation from your choice of the thousands of PKGBUILDs in the [[AUR]], in addition to the many thousands of available Arch binary packages. Yaourt uses the same exact syntax as pacman, which saves you from relearning an entirely new method of system maintenance, but also adds new options. Yaourt expands the power and simplicity of pacman by adding even more useful features and provides pleasing, colorized output, interactive search mode, and much more.
Prvo installirajte "base-devel" pakete, da Vam ne zafale međuzavisnosti kao gcc,make ili drugi develop paketi.
# pacman -S base-devel
Zatim pratite dalje uputstvo na http://archlinux.fr/yaourt-en#get_it
==Proxy Postavke==
Ako pristupate na internet preko HTTP Proxy-a, trebali bi da postavite varijabilu 'http_proxy' i 'https_proxy'  u Vaš ~/.bashrc
export http_proxy='http://proxy.hostname.com:port'
export https_proxy='https://proxy.hostname.com:port'
Za više informacija pogledajte curl's man stranicu.
'sudo' ne držati varijable okruženja kao što su 'http_proxy', pa ako ga koristite, morate dodati:
Defaults env_keep += "http_proxy"
Defaults env_keep += "https_proxy"
u /etc/sudoers ''(Note: Nemojte da dodajte direktno, bolje koristite visudo)''
==Korišćenje yaourt==
* [http://www.archlinux.fr/yaourt-en/ yaourt page]
==Otkrivanje prethodnih builds za dev PKGBUILDs==
Julien Mischkowitz's (održavalac yaourta) directions on how to get yaourt to detect previous build attempts for dev packages (CVS, SVN, Bzr, etc.):
  This part is very old in yaourt and maybe needs to be updated :-)
  Actually, yaourt search for variable ${_bzrtrunk} and ${_bzrmod} to detect if the PKGBUILD is one for a git/svn/bzr/cvs version.
  So just replace "_bzr_branch='http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/emacs/trunk'" by "_bzrtrunk='http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/emacs/trunk'"
That is, be sure to have _${VCS}trunk and _${VCS}mod variables present in your PKGBUILD; i.e., _bzrtrunk and _bzrmod for Bzr packages, _hgtrunk and _hgmod for Mercurial packages, _gittrunk and _gitmod for Git, etc.
==Yaourt traži lozinku dva puta==
Ako onemogućite timeout sudo lozinka dodavanjem:
Defaults timestamp_timeout=0
u /etc/sudoers, onda yaourt će vas pitati za lozinku dva puta svaki put kada pokušate izvesti operaciju koja zahteva root. Da biste to sprečili, dodajte:
u /etc/yaourtrc ili u $HOME/.yaourtrc

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