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ZNC is an advanced IRC bouncer that is left connected so an IRC client can disconnect/reconnect without loosing the chat session.


1. Install znc from the Official Repositories. The installation script will create a group and user znc. The default home directory for this user is /var/lib/znc.

{{Note: A bug in znc.install (znc 1.0-2) sets the znc user's home directory as /var/empty. /var/lib/znc is still created and owned by the correct user/group. You should change znc's home directory to /var/lib/znc}}

2. Generate ZNC config as user znc.

# su - znc
$ znc --makeconf

Go through the wizard and setup your preferences.

3. To make ZNC start on boot:

# systemctl enable znc

Start and stop the ZNC daemon as usual by running:

# systemctl {start|stop|restart} znc

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See also