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ZNC is an advanced IRC bouncer that is left connected so an IRC client can disconnect/reconnect without loosing the chat session.

Init script

By default, ZNC does not include an daemon init script (like those usually found in /etc/rc.d/). It maybe preferable to run ZNC as a daemon:

1. Install and create a config as normal:

 pacman -S znc
 znc --makeconf

2. Move the generated config to a global directory:

 mkdir /etc/znc
 mv /home/$USER/.znc/* /etc/znc/
 rm -rf /home/$USER/.znc

3. Create a new system user account

 useradd --system --no-create-home --user-group znc

4. Apply the correct permissions to the configuration directory

 chown -R znc:znc /etc/znc

5. Copy the prepared init script to /etc/rc.d/znc and make it executable

 cd /etc/rc.d
 wget https://raw.github.com/gist/1266098/b5530ead3f797ef344fb0e0cba16d270281d087b/znc
 chmod +x znc

6. Add znc to the [daemons] section in /etc/rc.conf.

Start and stop the ZNC daemon as usual by running:

 rc.d {start|stop|restart} znc

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