ASUS Zenbook Q408UG

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Audio 1022:15e3 Yes
Audio Processor 1022:15e2 Yes
Bluetooth 8087:0029 Yes
Card Reader 10ec:522a Untested
Headphone jack Untested
HDMI port Untested
GPU (AMD, integrated) 1002:164c Yes
GPU (NVIDIA) 10de:1f9c Untested
Keyboard Yes
Microphone (integrated) Yes
Touchpad 04f3:30f1 Yes
Webcam 13d3:56eb Yes
Wi-Fi 8086:2723 Yes

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A 14" Ryzen 5500U-powered laptop with a metal chassis, released in early 2021.


No special kernel parameters or firmware were needed for a typical installation.

However, the keyboard often does not work in initial boot (initramfs). If early keyboard is needed, for example with password-based full disk encryption, some mkinitcpio configuration is necessary.

The following was used to get a reliably working keyboard in initramfs. It is unknown if all the items are necessary, but they at least appear to get the job done.

# For early (initramfs) keyboard
# In the MODULES section
MODULES=(amdgpu asus_wmi atkbd dm_crypt ext4 fat i2c_hid i8042 ohci_pci xhci_pci)
# In the HOOKS section
HOOKS=(base udev keyboard keymap sleep autodetect modconf block encrypt lvm2 filesystems fsck)


The initial BIOS / Setup screen is highly graphical and somewhat mouse-driven. However, the menu can be switched to a more traditional one, which is called "Advance" mode. It uses the arrow, enter, escape, etc keys for all navigation. Press F7 at the first BIOS screen to switch to that "Advance" mode.