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The Banana Pro (also often referred to as Banana Pi Pro) is a SBC from the manufacturer LeMaker. You can see the specifications here. By now, this article only covers the installation using the tarball, which is very similar to the installation of the Banana Pi.

This article is very similar to the Banana Pi, though the description there does not apply fully to the Banana Pro. Also, users have to be familiar with installing an Arch system (Partitioning, formatting, etc.), as this will only cover the installation of the base system. Further configuration will not be covered here.

  • The device is not officially supported by the ALARM project, i.e. please refrain from submitting patches, feature requests or bug reports for it.
  • Ensure to install the root file system on the first partition, otherwise it will not boot. (e.g. sda1, sdb1, ...).


The network is by default configured by systemd-networkd.


Ethernet will work out of the box when connected to a DHCP server.


To become wlan working you have to install firmware-ap6210 and wpa_supplicant which uses the kernel module brcmfmac.


These are the default logins for a new installation.

Type Username Password
Root root root
User alarm alarm

The root account is locked by default for SSH login. Login as normal user and use su - to become root.