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Extra Signoffs


The process is simple:

  • If you need to test a package from the [extra] repository, you can add it to [testing]
  • When a [extra] package is placed in [testing] an email SHOULD be sent to the arch-dev-public mailing list with the subject "[signoff] [extra] foobar-1.0-1", where foobar-1.0-1 is the package name and version.
  • In the email the maintainer has to say the reasons why that package went to [testing]
  • All developers are encouraged to test this package.
  • If a package works fine, a reply SHOULD be sent, telling the maintainer it worked, and on which architecture.
  • When a package receives 2 signoffs for each architecture, it can be moved from [testing] to [extra].
  • A maintainer is free to leave a package in [testing] for further testing or signoffs, but should make this intention known in the signoff email.


The maintainer himself *DOES* count as a signoff. We are working under the assumption that the maintainer did test the package before pushing it to [testing]. Thus, a package may only need one signoff if the original maintainer tested it on both architectures before uploading.