Eve V (2017)

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad 0603:00f1 Yes
Keyboard 0603:00f1 Yes
Webcam ov2680 and ov2685 [1][dead link 2024-03-03 ⓘ] No
Bluetooth 8087:0a2b Yes
Audio 8086:9d71 Yes
Wireless 8086:24fd Yes
Touchscreen 04f3:2513 Yes
Digitizer Pen 04f3:2513 Yes
Accelerometer KIOX000A:00 Yes
Ambient Light Sensor CPLM3218:00 Untested

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The Eve V is a crowd-sourced tablet computer from 2017. A 2021 version is in the works[dead link 2024-03-03 ⓘ], but this page is about the old one. The author uses the i7-7Y75 (1.30GHz) version (SKU EMWT02I60P01Cfg00EVEORD0 in dmidecode), and there is also an i5 version. These machines are fanless (completely silent), using the aluminum case to dissipate heat.

USB, Thunderbolt, microSD

There are 2 type-C ports and 2 type-A ports, working fine in Linux. The lower Thunderbolt (type C) port seems to work better for adding an external monitor via a Type C to HDMI adapter (preferably one that also has ethernet, since that's not built-in). The microSD adapter (in a depressed area on the back side) works fine too.

Screen and graphics

The LCD is 2880x1920, 260x174mm (so DPI about 225). Intel integrated graphics drivers work fine. With Mesa 22 you get support for OpenGL 4.6 and Vulkan.

IIO sensors

The iio packages are useful (iio-sensor-proxy, iioutils etc.) and you need libad9361-iio-gitAUR[broken link: package not found]. If you run screenrotator-gitAUR you can get your X11 desktop to rotate according to the physical orientation of the machine.

Keyboard and touchpad

The combination bluetooth/pogo-pin keyboard cover is infamously fragile; but if it's working, the touchpad also works and supports multi-finger gestures. The pogo pinout is reported to be USB (not confirmed): [2][dead link 2024-03-03 ⓘ] [3][dead link 2024-03-03 ⓘ]

Touchscreen and stylus

On X11, the libinput driver works fine for both: you get up to 10 touchpoints, pressure-sensitive drawing with the included stylus, and a side button on the stylus for the eraser. The stylus is the nTrig type. If you lose the original, a Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus also works OK.