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Geph is a modular Internet censorship circumvention system designed specifically to deal with national filtering.


Install the geph4-clientAUR or geph4-client-gitAUR package.

If you have no special requirements, just installing this package is sufficient.

  • geph4-binder — A command-line Geph binder.[dead link 2021-11-10 ⓘ] || geph4-binderAUR[broken link: package not found] or geph4-binder-gitAUR
  • geph4-bridge — A command-line Geph bridge.[dead link 2021-11-10 ⓘ] || geph4-bridgeAUR[broken link: package not found] or geph4-bridge-gitAUR
  • geph4-client — A command-line Geph client.[dead link 2021-11-10 ⓘ] || geph4-clientAUR or geph4-client-gitAUR
  • geph4-exit — A command-line Geph exit.[dead link 2021-11-10 ⓘ] || geph4-exitAUR[broken link: package not found] or geph4-exit-gitAUR
  • geph4-vpn-helper — A command-line Geph VPN helper.[dead link 2021-11-10 ⓘ] || geph4-vpn-helperAUR or geph4-vpn-helper-gitAUR


Start/enable geph4-client.service.

If you want to use geph4-vpn-helper, please Start/enable geph4-vpn-helper.service.

Tip: geph4-client.service and geph4-vpn-helper.service cannot be started at the same time.


You can modify the configuration by editing the files in /etc/default/.

  • /etc/default/geph4-binder
  • /etc/default/geph4-bridge
  • /etc/default/geph4-client
  • /etc/default/geph4-exit

geph4-client and geph4-vpn-helper use the same configuration file.

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