HP Envy X360 15-bq102ng

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The HP Envy X360 15-bq102ng was released in 2017. It has a Ryzen Mobile 5 2500u with an integrated Vega 8 GPU and 8GB of DDR4 RAM.

Device Model Working? Modules
GPU AMD Vega 8 IGPU Yes xf86-video-amdgpu; Backlight works
Wifi Realtek RTL8822BE Yes r8822be
Bluetooth Realtek RTL8822BE Yes btusb
Audio Yes snd_hda_intel
Touchpad Synaptics Yes synaptics
Camera Normal 1080p + IR 336x340 Yes uvcvideo
Card Reader RTS522A Yes rtsx_pci
Sensors STM Sensor hub Yes Use iio-sensor-proxy to use autorotate
USB C AMD xHCI Host Controller Yes Data and DP working

Installing Arch

This laptop has secure boot enabled by default. To start the installer you need to disable it in the UEFI. Then you can just boot the installer in UEFI mode and just install like a normal UEFI system.

Battery and Power Management

On Linux 4.17 I get about 5 hours on light load, like watching youtube. Installing tlp is a good idea. Suspend and Hibernate works.

Display, Video Card

The integrated Vega GPU works with the AMDGPU drivers. Apparently the display panel is freesync capable.

Touchscreen and Stylus

As of 4.19.8 the touchscreen works out of the box.

Orientation Sensor

You currently need to install iio-sensor-proxy and reboot to make the orientation sensor work. This will disable the keyboard and touchpad, and invert the side volume buttons when the screen is held at the right orientation or is folded. The Gnome desktop environment does support the rotation natively. Other desktop enviroments may need extra software. You could compile and use this daemon [1] written in C.

Wireless Networking

Works out of the box.



Hard Drive

Built-in NVME drive works with advertised speed. Blockdevices are loacated at /dev/nvme0n1p*. There is an empty bay for an additional SATA 2.5 inch drive, but you have to buy a proprietary cable.

Dual Boot

Not tested, but there shouldn't any difficulties.


On some devices the Laptop freezes randomly (e.g. when surfing on Youtube). A workaround is to set these kernel-options: idle=nomwait rcu_nocbs=0-7

Unable to boot on linux >= 4.20

This is caused by a firmware bug that is yet to be fixed. The only solution is to delete /usr/lib/firmware/amdgpu/raven_dmcu.bin and regenerate the initramfs.

(thanks to Jay Fitzpatrick for discovering this)

OpenCL will not work with this solution and any OpenCL application will crash the system. Otherwise works perfectly fine. https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109206