HP Pavilion DV1000 Series

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In this page, i will try to make your Arch installation on HP Pavillion dv1000 series as easy as i can, If you have something to add please contribute to this page

What does work?

Wifi using ipw2200 drivers

Touchpad using synaptics drivers

Remote Control, when you will have ur multimedia keys working, Remote control works out of the box

suspend to ram/swap

Texas Intrument card reader

What does not work?


Boot with your Arch CD without any option, u do not need acpi=off for this laptop, Partition the way you like but leave 204MB+ of free space unpartioned in order to install Quickplay later, You may need to follow any Installation guide on the wiki


Graphic Card and Xorg

See Intel graphics.



You have to use the ipw2200 driver; Arch stock kernel has it enabled, but you still need the firmware package ipw2200-fw.


The sound should work out of the box.

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