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Hellanzb is a console based Usenet binary downloader written in Python. It can be run in daemon mode and several GUI or PHP frontends are available.

Note: hellanzb is no longer under active development, although the last release (0.13) is considered stable by the developers and testing team.

Main Features

  • Automatically downloads nzb files placed in a user-specified watch directory.
  • Par1/2 verification and repair of damaged files.
  • Unrars completed downloads.
  • Deletes unneeded files after a download has been completed.


Hellanzb is available in the AUR package hellanzb-gitAUR.


Hellanzb can be run in two modes:

  • From CLI
  • As daemon


A configuration file named hellanzb.conf must be present in the users .config directory for hellanzb to function properly. A sample configuration file is available.

mkdir -p ~/.config
cp /etc/hellanzb.conf.sample ~/.config/hellanzb.conf


When run in daemon mode, the /etc/conf.d/hellanzb file needs to be modified to configure the user that will be running hellanzb