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使用任意浏览器, 输入地址 , 即可访问 ArchWiki 的官方MediaWiki 实例.



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Reason: 为内部的搜索引擎描述时,需包括精确短语。 (Discuss in Help talk:Browsing (简体中文))

MediaWiki支援全文搜索,见页面顶部的搜索框。这个特性的最大限制在于它搜索的词语必须长于3字节。如果你想搜索短词(1到3字节),一个已知的解决方法是使用Google页面搜索 特性。在表单中输入搜索项目然后它将自动在Archwiki中搜索。

当然,手动加入相同的 到 Google 搜索:


这将工作地很好,但它并非实时的。Google 每 1 到 3 天索引一次 Archwiki。

DuckDuckGo Bangs

You can also use DuckDuckGo's bangs feature to directly search the Arch Wiki. After adding DuckDuckGo as the default search engine of your web browser, you can directly type something like the following in the omnibox / URL bar:

!archwiki your search terms

or, shorter

!aw your search terms

Finding related articles

Every article on the ArchWiki is categorized. The categories of a page are displayed at its end. For example this page is categorized with Category:Help. You can view the category hierarchy at the Table of contents.

Additionally many articles directly link to related articles with a Related articles box at the top of the article.


  • arch-wiki-docs — Pages from ArchWiki optimized for offline browsing. || arch-wiki-docs
  • arch-wiki-lite — Arch-wiki-lite is designed to offer the smoothest possible experience for the poor person stuck without internet access or any way of starting a graphical web browser. || arch-wiki-lite
  • arch-wiki-man — The ArchWiki easily accessible and searchable as man pages. || arch-wiki-manAUR
  • wikiman — Offline search engine for manual pages, Arch Wiki, Gentoo Wiki and other documentation. || wikimanAUR


  • Wikicurses — A simple curses interface for MediaWiki sites such as ArchWiki or Wikipedia. || wikicurses, wikicurses-gitAUR
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