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  1. 在编辑器中打开文章.
  2. 剪切要移动的段落,不要 立即保存,这样的话移动操作是在两个编辑里面,看上去你就成了段落的原始作者,不便于历史记录查询。
  3. 在新位置粘贴段落.
  4. 调整段落的层级,但是 不要 做其它调整和修改,否则编辑差异中就看不清楚到底改了什么。
  5. 加上编辑摘要,保存页面.
  6. 按照需要正常编辑段落.



  1. 在编辑器中打开原始页面.
  2. 复制需要分拆的段落.
  3. 在另外的编辑页面打开目标子页面.
  4. 在目标页面粘贴复制的段落,不要 任何修改.
  5. 保存目标页面,在编辑摘要里记录 "content split from 'Origin article#Section'",其中 'Origin article#Section' 是内部链接
  6. 在原始编辑器中,将原内容替换为新子页面的链接,保留标题,或将链接接加到相关文章列表
  7. 保存原页面,编辑摘要中记录 "content moved to 'Destination subpage'" 其中 'Destination subpage' 是内部链接.
  8. 重新在编辑器中打开目标子页面.
  9. 给子页面一个和主页面一样的分类.
  10. 在顶部添加到原始页面的链接,例如 "See 'Origin article' for the main article"。
  11. 修正新页面的段落层级,从第二级开始。
    提示: 可以通过 Wiki Monkey 插件自动完成。
  12. 保存目标页面,加上编辑摘要.


  • 检查和修正所有破损的链接,可以通过 Wiki Monkey 插件自动完成。


If page A has been redirected to page B, for example after merging the content of A into page B, and Talk:A exists:

  • If Talk:B does not exist, move the entire Talk:A to Talk:B, letting MediaWiki automatically redirect Talk:A to Talk:B.
  • If Talk:B exists:
    1. Move the still relevant discussions, if any, from Talk:A to Talk:B.
    2. Ensure that the discussions left in Talk:A, if any, are closed.
      • If Talk:A hosts discussions that have been closed for less than the period specified in Help:Discussion#Closing a discussion, flag Talk:A with Template:Redirect, so that the page will be redirected to Talk:B after the closing period.
      • Else, immediately redirect Talk:A to Talk:B.


  1. Read this section to understand what redirects are.
  2. Check out Special:DoubleRedirects to see if there are any.
  3. For example, if you see Pastebin Clients (Edit) →‎ Common Applications →‎ List of applications, it means Pastebin Clients redirects to Common Applications, and Common Applications redirects to List of applications. Therefore, Pastebin Clients is a double redirect.
  4. To fix it, edit Pastebin Clients and change #REDIRECT [[Common Applications]] to #REDIRECT [[List of applications]] to skip the middleman.
  5. Enter an edit summary such as Fixed double redirect and save.
提示: This task can be done automatically with Wiki Monkey's plugin.


See ArchWiki Translation Team#Create a new page and its translation.

Move a discussion to another talk page

  1. Copy the discussion text to the destination talk page, making sure to add, between the new heading and the pasted text, a note like:
    [Moved from Origin_talk_page#Heading. -- Signature and timestamp]
  2. Strike the heading in the origin talk page and replace the content with a note like:
    [Moved to Destination_talk_page#Heading. -- Signature and timestamp]


  1. Move the category page the same way as you would move a normal page, ensuring a redirect is created from the old title to the new one. This will only rename the category page itself, the members of the category will not be recategorized.
  2. Recategorize all members of the old category to use the new one.
    提示: This can be done automatically with a script, which relies on the redirect from the old category to detect the new name and thus it is not limited to changes in capitalization or similar heuristics.
  3. Update all interlanguage links.
    提示: This can be done automatically with a script or Wiki Monkey's bot plugin.
  4. Update all backlinks of the old category to refer to the new one.
    提示: This can be done automatically by running Wiki Monkey's RegExp substitution plugin on the old category's Special:WhatLinksHere page, with a substitution like (\[\[|\{\{Related2?\|):[ _]*[Cc]ategory[ _]*:[ _]*[Oo]ld[ _]name[ _]*(#|\||\]\]|\}\}) -> $1:Category:New name$2 (assuming the old category name is "Category:Old name").
  5. Mark the old category with Template:Archive, without destroying the redirect (the old category is likely still linked from Table of contents).
    提示: If the category has no relevant history, it can be deleted by an administrator, after ensuring that steps 2.-4. have actually been performed.