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Islamic tools are a software set for Quran, Hijri calendar, prayer times, and Qibla direction.


  • emacs: ships with cal-islam.el module, which converts dates based on the algorithms specified in Calendrical Calculations book by Dershowitz and Reingold.
  • itoolsAUR: a rewrite of cal-islam.el in C. Offers ical and idate analogous to cal and date utilities.
  • python-hijri-converterAUR.


  • libitlAUR: Islamic Tools Library provided by Wikipedia:Arabeyes contains a set of command-line utilities for date conversion and Islamic APIs.
  • luaHijri: Lua module, used by Arabic Wikipedia in the main page.
  • phphijri
  • Supported in java8 and above.


Prayer times


  • quran-companionAUR: a modern Quran reader/player with translations.
  • zekrAUR: research tool for Quran.
  • quran-rofiAUR: a rofi script for looking up verses and chapters.
  • cnoor-gitAUR: simple framebuffer Quran viewer.

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