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Model List

Model version Date Video Sound Ethernet Wireless Bluetooth Power management Modem Other Remarks
Lifebook T902 2017.08.01 mesa works great (Intel) Works (Intel) Works (Intel) Works (wifi-menu and networkmanager) (Intel) Works TLP works untested Touchscreen / pen works with xf86-input-wacom, but the driver needs to be manually removed and readded after suspend.

Fingerprint scanner works with fprint.

Have not found a way to program the button panel by the power button yet. Sound buttons work, super key button works (in kde at least) but rotation lock, A and B buttons do nothing.

Also have not found a way to rotate screen and disable the keyboard / touchpad automatically when switching to tablet mode, making tablet mode essentially unusable.

Lifebook T904 circa 2014 ?? ?? ?? Works (Intel) ?? ?? ?? According to the Fprint wiki, the reader does not appear to be a supported model.

If the reader is unused, it is recommended that the device be physically disabled in the bios.

Fan noise was an issue on initial BIOS revisions.

The change log for BIOS version 1.08 noted a fan settings update which has since resolved the fan noise issue.

User confirmations of the fix may be found after post #540 [1]

Amilo Se 1520 circa 2007 Works Works poorly with ALSA. Both SPDIF and the external microphone do not work. The internal microphone above the LCD works, however the volume cannot be changed or the microphone disabled. ?? Works (ipw3945 chipset, see Wireless network configuration#iwlegacy) ?? Works ?? Touchpad works with Synaptics Alt+Function key commands work, but the special buttons on the left side of the keyboard do not work out of the box.