Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

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Hardware  PCI/USB ID  Working?
GPU 8086:0166 Yes
Audio 8086:1e20 Yes
WiFi 0bda:1724 Yes
Bluetooth 0bda:1724 Yes
Webcam 5986:029c Untested
SD card reader 0bda:0129 Yes
Touchscreen 04f3:000a Partial
Motion sensor 2047:0855 Untested
Feature Status
CPU Frequency Scaling not tested
Hibernation not tested
Wireless/Bluetooth with troubles
Wireless/Wifi with troubles



Control of brightness only works after suspend. After wake up, you can control brightness via f11 (less bright) and f12 (more bright). However, it is not brightness problem, but keyboard buttons' problem. To control brightness while loaded from scratch, you can do the following command:

# cat 4882 > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness

This will change brightness value to 4882. It is maximum brightness level. You can choose some other value, of course.


One touch works out of the box. But it works like a mouse.

Function keys

In addition to the keyboard, there are some extra Lenovo keys:

  • Volume + and - work as intended
  • Recovery button has no effect while computer is running
  • Screen rotation lock button simulates pressing Super + o
  • Windows button under the screen simulates pressing Super. Also gives haptic feedback, currently not controllable by software.

Most media buttons work out of the box:

  • Mute on F1 works
  • Vol- on F2 works
  • Vol+ on F3 works
  • Close on F4 works
  • Refresh on F5 works
  • Disable touchpad on F6 works, but also types the ± symbol
  • Airplane mode on F7 does not work
  • Choose application on F8 simulates pressing ctrl+alt+tab. The keys are pressed and instantly released, which (depending on your DE) may not have the intended effect.
  • Disable display on F9 works
  • Change video output on F10 simulates pressing ctrl+p
  • Brightness- on F11 works
  • Brightness+ on F12 works


See Wireless network configuration#rtl8xxxu.

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