Lenovo ThinkPad T430s

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Known issues

The following are known problems and workarounds for the Lenovo Thinkpad T430s, and likely also for the related models (X230, T430, T530).

Open issues

  • The usual issue with laptop hard drives and disk head parking, which can be fixed with hdparm's -B option.
  • At least on one T430s, using QCad with SNA would reliably crash Xorg. A workaround is using UXA instead of SNA. (FS#31617)
  • The accelerometer for HDAPS is not supported.

Has Workaround

  • The system sometimes does not properly resume after being put into a suspended state. To fix, configure GRUB's use of ACPI sleep functionality by adding "acpi_sleep=nonvs" in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in /etc/default/grub
  • The brightness cannot always be adjusted by default. Adding acpi_osi\='!Windows 2012' to /etc/default/grub under GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and reconfiguring the grub config file fixes this.


  • Fixed accurately setting the brightness levels with the Fn + brightness up/down shortcut keys. The problem comes from Intel graphics, and the solution can be found from here.

Laptop Settings

Xbindkeys or sxhkd can be used to create and modify keyboard bindings. The following example requires the xorg-xset package, and turns the display off when the rectangular button to the right of the microphone mute button is pressed.

# Close display
"xset dpms force off"
    m:0x0 + c:156

Other options can be found from Lenovo ThinkPad T420#Volume up/down not changing volume