Lenovo V15 G3 ABA

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad Yes
Keyboard Yes
GPU 1002:15e7 Yes
Webcam 13d3:56ff Yes
Ethernet 10ec:8168 Yes
Bluetooth 0bda:c123 Yes
Audio 1022:15e3 Yes
Wireless 10ec:c822 Yes
TPM Untested



Microcode update for AMD Ryzen 7 5825U has not been released yet. You can verify this information in an existing system by checking the family and model of your CPU and comparing it to the available patches from amd-ucode README:

# journalctl -b | grep smpboot

To resolve this, instead of using amd-ucode package, use amd-zen-ucode-platomavAUR which includes the relevant patches.


Wireless and Bluetooth

On every boot, wlan0 and bluetooth are blocked by rfkill(8), due to the ideapad_laptop kernel module. To resolve this issue, you can create a blacklist file:

blacklist ideapad_laptop

Failed to load regulatory.db

Following regulatory domain related warning message can be fixed by installing wireless-regdb from official repositories:

kernel: platform regulatory.0: Direct firmware load for regulatory.db failed with error -2
kernel: cfg80211: failed to load regulatory.db

PS/2 appears to have AUX port disabled

Following warning message gets logged to journalctl(1) despite all the ports are working:

PS/2 appears to have AUX port disabled, if this is incorrect please boot with i8042.nopnp

If you do not want to see this message, add i8042.nopnp to your kernel parameters.

Function Keys

Key Visible?1 Marked?2 Effect
Fn+Esc Yes Yes Toggles Fn lock
Fn+F1 Yes Yes XF86AudioMute
Fn+F2 Yes Yes XF86AudioLowerVolume
Fn+F3 Yes Yes XF86AudioRaiseVolume
Fn+F4 Yes Yes XF86AudioMicMute
Fn+F5 Yes Yes XF86MonBrightnessDown
Fn+F6 Yes Yes XF86MonBrightnessUp
Fn+F7 Yes Yes Inputs Super+p3
Fn+F8 Yes Yes XF86RFKill
Fn+F9 Yes Yes Help
Fn+F10 No Yes Unknown
Fn+F11 No Yes Unknown
Fn+F12 Yes Yes XF86Calculator
Fn+Insert No Yes Unknown
Fn+Print Yes Yes Inputs Super+Shift+s4
Fn+Left Yes Yes Home
Fn+Right Yes Yes End
Fn+Up Yes Yes Prior
Fn+Down Yes Yes Next
Fn+Q Yes No XF86Launch45
Fn+T Yes No Print
Fn+I Yes No Insert
Fn+P Yes No Pause
Fn+S Yes No Print
Fn+K Yes No Scroll_Lock
Fn+B Yes No Inputs Ctrl+Break
  1. The key is visible to xev and similar tools.
  2. The physical key has a symbol on it, which describes its function
  3. Default shortcut for opening "project" (as in projector) menu on Windows
  4. Default shortcut for capturing screenshots on Windows
  5. Default shortcut for changing power mode on Windows

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