Lenovo Yoga 2 11

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Reason: Needs IDs in hardware table and a function keys table (Discuss in Talk:Lenovo Yoga 2 11#)
Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Keyboard Yes
Video Yes
Webcam Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Card reader Yes
Audio Yes
Wireless Yes


To access the boot menu and BIOS, use the "alternative" power button: a small circular one on the right, next to the main power button.

Disable secure boot from the BIOS. Only the UEFI boot mode appears to be available, but the Arch Linux install ISO used supports UEFI boot.


To enable the wifi card, first run

rfkill unblock all

The command

wifi-menu wlp1s0

returned no scanning results, however

iwlist wlp1s0 scan

confirmed the wifi card was working. I was able to get a connection by setting up a netctl profile manually.

Power management

The power button works out of the box, however the system reboots after shutdown. This appears to be an xhci-hcd kernel module bug and can be worked around by unloading the xhci_hcd module before shutdown. This can be done via systemd by creating a unit file /etc/systemd/system/xhci.service containing

Description=rmmod xhci_hcd

ExecStop=/usr/bin/rmmod xhci_pci && /usr/bin/rmmod xhci_hcd


and enabling it with

systemctl enable xhci

To use the unit immediately, you will also have to start it

systemctl start xhci

Function keys

There is a Windows button by the screen, however key down events are only reported when the button is released (in tandem with the key release event).