Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 (AMD Ryzen 7)

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad No
Keyboard Yes
Video {{}} Partial
Webcam {{}} Untested
Bluetooth {{}} Untested
Audio {{}} Partial
Wireless {{}} Yes
TPM Untested


In order to install, secure boot must be disabled in the BIOS. You can enter it by pressing F2 (or Fn+F2) during bootup. In order to access the boot-menu allowing you to choose a non standard boot device (like USB devices), press F12 (or Fn+F12) during bootup.

Initially, the touchpad is unusable, see Touchpad section below.


The touchpad does not work to begin with. It may work initially with libinput or synaptics, but only sometimes. The touchpad can be seen registered either as Elan Touchpad or ELAN0634:00 04F3:3124 in the Xorg logs. Since the touchpad only works, when it is seen registered as ELAN0634:00 04F3:3124 in the Xorg logs, the touchpad works quite randomly, but not consistently. To circumvent this, one has to blacklist the elan_i2c kernel module.

elants_i2c would need to be blacklisted instead for the Intel version of the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7.


While Lenovo is known to support fwupd in general, the Yoga Slim 7 has not been added yet.


The laptop comes with a wireless controller, working out of the box.