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MATE 桌面环境 是 GNOME 2 的一个分支,旨在使用传统的方式,为Linux用户提供一个有吸引力的和直观的桌面. 更多信息, 请看 this forum thread.


MATE 现在位于 GitHub:


要通过 pacman 安装稳定版本的 MATE , 添加下面几行到 /etc/pacman.conf:

Server =$arch


# pacman -Syy


# pacman -S mate

一些人可能对从mate-extra 组 (大部分是 gnome-extra 组里的包的副本)安装某些包感兴趣:

注意: 目前, MATE 的pacman 仓库里有两个扩展组: mate-extramate-extras. It is advised to look in both for the needed applications until it gets properly merged/fixed into a single extra group.
# pacman -S mate-extra


# pacman -S mate-extras

You are very likely to get file conflicts when installing. Simply rename the offending files or install with the --force flag. You will also require dbus.

注意: Currently, many MATE packages do not provide, conflict or replace any GNOME packages.

GTK+ 3 版本

An experimental GTK+ 3 build of MATE can be installed with mate-gtk3[损坏的链接:package not found] and mate-extra-gtk3[损坏的链接:package not found] groups. While it works mostly, there are few known issues with caja, eom, marco, mate-control-center, mate-netbook, mate-notification-daemon, mate-panel and pluma.

MATE 不稳定版本

Consider the following community efforts, cf. forum:



显示管理器 中选择 MATE 即可,推荐的显示管理器是 LightDMlightdm-gtk2-greeterAUR[损坏的链接:package not found] 提供的 GTK+ (2) greeter。


为了手动启动 MATE , 需要添加

exec mate-session

到你的 ~/.xinitrc 文件,然后运行

$ startx
注意: xinitrc有详细介绍,例如保持 logind 会话等。



It is important to note that many GNOME core applications are rebranded for MATE, as per the licensing terms. Here is a simple Rosetta Stone of GNOME -> MATE applications.

  • Nautilus 重命名为 caja
  • Metacity 重命名为 marco
  • Gconf 重命名为 mate-conf

Other applications and core components prefixed with GNOME (such as GNOME Panel, GNOME Menus etc) have simply had the prefix renamed "MATE" and become MATE Panel and MATE Menus.


Not all of the GNOME extra applications (built for GTK2) have been forked yet. 下面的扩展应用程序在 MATE 中可用:

  • Totem (mate-video-player)
  • Eye of GNOME (mate-image-viewer)
  • Gedit (mate-text-editor)
  • File Roller (mate-file-archiver)
  • GNOME Panel applets (mate-applets)
  • GNOME Terminal (mate-terminal)

如果你使用 NetworkManager 连接互联网, 可以为 GTK2 nm-applet 从 AUR 安装 network-manager-applet-gtk2AUR. You will need to modify the PKGBUILD to depend on mate-bluetooth rather than gnome-bluetooth to prevent a recursive dependency on gnome-desktop.

Using Compiz Fusion sans Emerald

If you would like to use Marco with Compiz Fusion, install and start Compiz Fusion as you would normally and install the package gtk-window-decorator and run the following command to create a symlink:

# ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Enable the Window Decoration plugin in the Compiz Fusion settings manager and use

gtk-window-decorator --replace

as the command. However, without recompiling gtk-window-decorator, the necessary mateconf keys will not be created and you will be stuck with Cairo based decorations. It may be possible to create these keys yourself.


Qt 应用程序不风格化

You may find that Qt4 applications are not inheriting the GTK2 theme like they should. This can be fixed easily by installing libgnomeuiAUR with the --force flag. If the problem persists, run qtconfig and setting GTK+ as GUI style under System ⇒ Preferences ⇒ QT4 Settings.

Evolution Email 不工作

请看 Evolution#Using Evolution outside of GNOME.