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mailnag is a Wayland e-mail notification daemon. It integrates well with mako and libnotify and comes with interactive configuration tooling, making setup very straight-forward.


mailnag can be installed with the mailnag package.

Note: You may also want to install gnome-keyring to satisfy the needed org.freedesktop.secrets service file.


Run mailnag-config to create an initial configuration at ~/.config/mailnag/mailnag.cfg.


Users can run mailnag from within a shell while running a Wayland or Xorg session, given that a notification daemon is running.

Note: mailnag needs to be able to access a valid dbus session to communicate with a notification back-end.


mailnag supports XDG Autostart out of the box. A systemd user service example has been included below as another option.

systemd user unit

Users will probably want to run mailnag in a systemd unit. Provided below is an example user unit where user id is the numeric ID of the user where this service is installed.

Description=Mailnag notification service



Then start mailnag.service.


The mailnag package provides a /usr/share/applications/mailnag.desktop file for use with XDG Autostart that is supported by various desktop environments.

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