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Mingo is a proprietary, EULA licensed, MongoDB GUI built on Electron, designed to aid MongoDB developers with managing their databases.


Install mingoAUR, or you can install mingo pre-packaged from the following unofficial arch repository: PolarRepo.


When you first launch the application, you will be greeted with a prompt to enter your email (see #Troubleshooting for more info), once entered you will receive a one time code which you must enter to continue.

Next it will prompt you to enter the URL of a MongoDB server, this is to create your first server connection. For more information on how to use Mingo, and how to get started with mingo, please check their Official Documentation.


Why does mingo need my email address?

Mingo is a proprietary, EULA licensed, software which works on a subscription basis, your email is used to verify whether you own a digital license of the software or not. There has been a lot of complaints against Mingo spamming email addresses with advertisement or useless emails, although it is not known if this is true or not, please take precautions when giving your email over, such as using an alias, to prevent your main inbox being spammed.

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