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Motion is a program that monitors the video signal from cameras. It is able to detect if a significant part of the picture has changed; in other words, it can detect motion.


Install the motion package.


Motion can be called with the -c option to define a specific configuration file (as is the case with motionEye).

If you do not specify -c or the filename you give Motion does not exist, Motion will search for the configuration file called motion.conf in the following order:

  1. Current directory from where motion was invoked
  2. Directory called .motion in the current users home directory (shell environment variable $HOME). E.g. ~/.motion/motion.conf
  3. /etc/motion/

The default configuration file (/etc/motion/motion.conf) is well commented, so it is easy to find which options are required and how to set them (ie rotate 90).

By default Motion will use port 8080 (+1 for each camera feed), and it will be limited to localhost connections only, both the web configuration server (on port 8080) and the camera feeds.