PCTV PicoStick 74e

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Reason: Appears to not work anymore since Kernel 3.1 (Discuss in Talk:PCTV PicoStick 74e)

How to use a PCTV PicoStick 74e DVB-T tuner with Arch Linux.

Download firmware

# cd /usr/lib/firmware
# curl -O https://www.kernellabs.com/firmware/as102/as102_data1_st.hex
# curl -O https://www.kernellabs.com/firmware/as102/as102_data2_st.hex

Firmware is now installed and you can connect the tuner to an USB port and is should "just work".

Checking if it works

Issue the following command:

# dmesg | tail
[  737.936943] usb 2-2.4.4: new high-speed USB device number 42 using ehci-pci
[  738.022688] as10x_usb: device has been detected
[  738.022707] DVB: registering new adapter (PCTV Systems picoStick (74e))
[  738.022991] usb 2-2.4.4: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (PCTV Systems picoStick (74e))...
[  738.186315] as10x_usb: firmware: as102_data1_st.hex loaded with success
[  738.433948] as10x_usb: firmware: as102_data2_st.hex loaded with success

As you can see, it tells us that both firmware files were loaded successfully and that the tuner is ready to be used.