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9 June 2023

     15:05  (Deletion log) [Erus Iluvatar‎; Lahwaacz‎ (2×)]
15:05 Lahwaacz talk contribs deleted page Category:Wayland compositors (Italiano)(Unused category: content was: "Category:Graphical user interfaces (Italiano) en:Category:Wayland compositors es:Category:Wayland compositors zh-hans:Category:Wayland compositors", and the only contributor was "" (talk))
15:02 Lahwaacz talk contribs deleted page Category:Archive (简体中文)(Unused category: content was: "en:Category:Archive", and the only contributor was "" (talk))
04:51 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs deleted redirect NaiveProxy by overwriting ‎(Deleted to make way for move from "Naiveproxy")
 m   15:02  Category:Archive diffhist −29 Lahwaacz talk contribs (Reverted edits by (talk) to last revision by Lahwaacz) Tag: Rollback
     14:47  (User creation log) [Zaaarf‎; Voxel‎; Ternvein‎; Sbayona‎; Day‎; Chrystom‎; Brigh‎]
14:47 User account Voxel talk contribs was created ‎
14:10 User account Brigh talk contribs was created ‎
14:09 User account Chrystom talk contribs was created ‎
11:51 User account Day talk contribs was created ‎
10:04 User account Sbayona talk contribs was created ‎
08:58 User account Zaaarf talk contribs was created ‎
08:13 User account Ternvein talk contribs was created ‎
 m   14:13  User:Katoumegumi diffhist +130 Chrystom talk contribs (for some reason on kde at least, osu doesn't execute without the Path key set)
     13:26  Unified Extensible Firmware Interface/Secure Boot diffhist −44 Nl6720 talk contribs (→‎shim with key and GRUB: rm "linuxefi", it's an out-of-tree GRUB module patched in by some distros, Arch's GRUB doesn't have it)
N    13:14  Category:Installation process (Qhichwa) diffhist +868 Wakichiq talk contribs (kamasqa)
N    13:11  Category:Software comparisons (Qhichwa) diffhist +336 Wakichiq talk contribs (kamasqa)
N    13:09  AUR helpers (Qhichwa) diffhist +235 Wakichiq talk contribs (kamasqa)
N    13:08  Category:Package management (Qhichwa) diffhist +580 Wakichiq talk contribs (kamasqa)
     12:48  Kernel/Arch build system diffhist −16 AshMyzk talk contribs (Update the Ja link.)
     11:41  User:Abfea/vector-2022.css diffhist +123 Abfea talk contribs
N    11:39  User:Abfea/vector-2022.js‎‎ 4 changes history +932 [Abfea‎ (4×)]
11:39 (cur | prev) +880 Abfea talk contribs
11:35 (cur | prev) −99 Abfea talk contribs
11:33 (cur | prev) +10 Abfea talk contribs (test)
11:31 (cur | prev) +141 Abfea talk contribs (Created page with " document.body.classList.toggle(TOC_COLLAPSED_CLASS); document.body.classList.toggle(TOC_NOT_COLLAPSED_CLASS); props.onToggleCollapse();")
     11:14  Flatpak diffhist −98 Fuhu83 talk contribs (Improve wording (see discussion page))
     11:13  Talk:Flatpak diffhist +404 Fuhu83 talk contribs (→‎Clarify or remove misleading warning regarding Flatpak's sandbox: add first improvement)
     10:58  Talk:Install Arch Linux via Docker diffhist −720 Oliver talk contribs (Issue created/responded too, better place to have the discussion. The title also says 'docker' not 'podman' (though its fair wanting to use it)) Tag: Blanking
     09:41  Dm-crypt (Русский)/System configuration (Русский) diffhist +219 Andreymal talk contribs (fixes)
     09:36  User:Jl2‎‎ 2 changes history +157 [Jl2‎ (2×)]
09:36 (cur | prev) +62 Jl2 talk contribs
09:25 (cur | prev) +95 Jl2 talk contribs
     09:31  (Move log) [Andreymal‎; Erus Iluvatar‎ (2×)]
09:31 Andreymal talk contribs moved page Dm-crypt (Русский)/Конфигурация системы (Русский) to Dm-crypt (Русский)/System configuration (Русский)(rename according to Help:i18n (Русский)Названия страниц)
04:56 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs moved page NaiveProxy to NaïveProxy(Upstream uses a specific i)
04:51 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs moved page Naiveproxy to NaiveProxy over a redirect without leaving a redirect ‎(use upstream capitalization)
     09:04  Systemd-networkd‎‎ 2 changes history −18 [Nl6720‎; HackerPide‎]
09:04 (cur | prev) −12 HackerPide talk contribs (→‎[Network]: corrected defaults as listed in
07:18 (cur | prev) −6 Nl6720 talk contribs (undo previous edits, DHCP=yes works just fine and it's also the value that's listed in Tag: Undo
     05:39  Localization/Japanese‎‎ 4 changes history +148 [Erus Iluvatar‎ (4×)]
05:39 (cur | prev) +30 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Japanese Input: Add style reference for why de-duplicating is a style issue)
05:38 (cur | prev) +175 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Japanese Input: flag for style)
05:37 (cur | prev) −3 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Anthy: Demote warning to note)
05:37 (cur | prev) −54 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Fcitx5: Demote warning to note, merge notes and tips where possible)
N    05:27  Dm-crypt (Русский)/Конфигурация системы (Русский) diffhist +32,433 Krotesk talk contribs (Перевод заголовков)
 m   05:02  Dm-crypt/System configuration‎‎ 2 changes history +73 [Krotesk‎ (2×)]
05:02 (cur | prev) −2,062 Krotesk talk contribs (Undo revision 780705 by Krotesk (talk))
04:58 (cur | prev) +2,135 Krotesk talk contribs (Перевод заголовков)
     04:58  List of applications/Internet‎‎ 2 changes history +4 [Soh‎; Erus Iluvatar‎]
04:58 (cur | prev) +1 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Proxy servers: use upstream spelling)
04:15 (cur | prev) +3 Soh talk contribs (→‎Proxy servers: add wiki page of naiveproxy)
N    04:50  Naiveproxy‎‎ 3 changes history +2,107 [Erus Iluvatar‎; Soh‎ (2×)]
04:50 (cur | prev) −12 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (fix misc spacing and style)
04:19 (cur | prev) +59 Soh talk contribs (add naiveproxy-git-new AUR package)
04:12 (cur | prev) +2,060 Soh talk contribs (add NaiveProxy, a proxy protocol that uses Chromium's network stack to camouflage traffic with strong censorship resistence and low detectablility)
     04:07  Talk:Arch-based distributions‎‎ 2 changes history +174 [Yetist‎ (2×)]
04:07 (cur | prev) +25 Yetist talk contribs (update Loong Arch Linux)
04:01 (cur | prev) +149 Yetist talk contribs (update Loong Arch Linux, add user sign)
 m   03:40  Trojan diffhist +1 Soh talk contribs (→‎Installation: fix AUR package name of trojan with advanced features to trojan-plus instead of trojan-git)
     03:30  Gocryptfs diffhist +847 Soh talk contribs (→‎Usage: add examples of normal usage, as it is weird to only have 'reverse mode')