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12 August 2022

     16:34  Dracut‎‎ 6 changes history +91 [Adelks‎ (6×)]
16:34 (cur | prev) +26 Adelks talk contribs (Move "LVM / Software RAID / LUKS" section to "Troubleshooting")
16:24 (cur | prev) +14 Adelks talk contribs (Refactor : move "usage" right after "install", only then give more advanced config options)
16:10 (cur | prev) −133 Adelks talk contribs (→‎Tips and tricks: Remove expansion: creating an uefi image is now documented and should be simple)
15:58 (cur | prev) +2 Adelks talk contribs (→‎Unified Kernel Image: Fix issue with equal sign)
15:57 (cur | prev) −186 Adelks talk contribs (→‎Kernel command line options: Refactor and add extra information, the part about injecting files was misleading thus removed.)
15:30 (cur | prev) +368 Adelks talk contribs (→‎Configuration: Specify how to do early module loading)
     16:30  Kernel‎‎ 3 changes history −152 [Erus Iluvatar‎; CodingKoopa‎ (2×)]
16:30 (cur | prev) +16 CodingKoopa talk contribs (add interwiki link to vmlinuz - I want to reference this term somewhere.)
16:28 (cur | prev) +1 CodingKoopa talk contribs (add space before citation)
07:48 (cur | prev) −169 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Unofficial kernels: Remove mptcp kernel: upstreamed since 5.6, see
     09:43  OpenSSH‎‎ 2 changes history 0 [Lahwaacz‎; Ash Ketchum‎]
09:43 (cur | prev) −57 Lahwaacz talk contribs (Undo revision 741291 by Ash Ketchum (talk) - port numbers do not increase security at all) Tag: Undo
09:19 (cur | prev) +57 Ash Ketchum talk contribs (Port number should be below 1024 for increased security) Tag: Reverted
     05:21  Kernel parameters diffhist +1 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (Promote Template:Tip to Template:Note since most kernel parameters are used by modules to which the linked page applies)

11 August 2022

     11:57  SSH keys diffhist +3 H329608804619969 talk contribs (→‎ssh-agent: adding `-f` to check file existence makes sourcing your .bashrc after killing the ssh-agent reload it's settings)
     10:16  GRUB‎‎ 3 changes history +57 [Meskarune‎; Nl6720‎ (2×)]
10:16 (cur | prev) +57 Nl6720 talk contribs (→‎LUKS2: link to GRUB bug about Argon2)
09:29 (cur | prev) −725 Nl6720 talk contribs (Undo revision 741034 by Meskarune (talk) - duplicates Multiboot USB drive#Boot entries which is already linked from #Boot menu entry examples) Tag: Undo
09:27 (cur | prev) +725 Meskarune talk contribs (→‎Custom grub.cfg: Added information on booting an arch linux iso file.) Tag: Reverted

10 August 2022

     13:07  GRUB diffhist +98 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Troubleshooting: Flag for creation of a new sub-page)
 m   12:31  Udev diffhist −555 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Some devices, that should be treated as removable, are not: Remove part of the paragraph flagged for a week)
 m   07:30  Dm-crypt/Drive preparation diffhist +54 Parollel talk contribs (Add Chinese translation page link.(添加中文翻译页面链接。))

8 August 2022

 m   08:58  GRUB diffhist −3 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎MS Windows: Remove MS from the section title)

6 August 2022

     14:18  Data-at-rest encryption diffhist +159 Grawity talk contribs (→‎Block device vs stacked filesystem encryption: pre-allocation)
     12:32  OpenSSH diffhist 0 Nl6720 talk contribs (→‎Connecting to a remote without the appropriate terminfo entry: link to the Wikipedia article instead of the project website)
     06:52  Dracut diffhist −381 Pyfisch talk contribs (→‎Troubleshooting: remove subsection "Spaces in kernel parameters", issue was fixed)