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28 November 2022

     17:38  IOS diffhist +211 Aurantius talk contribs (→‎Using a graphical file manager: Add instructions for accessing iOS devices with Dolphin)
 m   13:16  MariaDB diffhist 0 Fengchao talk contribs (→‎Cannot login through CLI, but phpmyadmin works well: Fix typo.)

27 November 2022

 m   19:28  Mpv diffhist −269 Ipha talk contribs (No need to specify gpu-context on wayland. Auto is sufficient.)
     18:21  Systemd‎‎ 5 changes history −14 [Erus Iluvatar‎; Andreymal‎; Pound Hash‎ (3×)]
18:21 (cur | prev) −39 Andreymal talk contribs (→‎Running services after the network is up: this internal link can be even simpler)
16:59 (cur | prev) −33 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Running services after the network is up: Fix internal link)
16:13 (cur | prev) +65 Pound Hash talk contribs (fixed grammar and punctuation; added link to network managers wiki)
15:57 (cur | prev) +1 Pound Hash talk contribs (added clarifying punctuation)
15:55 (cur | prev) −8 Pound Hash talk contribs (fixed grammar)
 m   17:03  Pacman diffhist −4 Regid talk contribs (→‎Pacman does not honor proxy settings: Direct the reader to a closer line in the destination article where the term in question is mentioned)
 m   16:25  Systemd/User diffhist −1 Pound Hash talk contribs (fixed grammar and punctuation)
     16:08  Wayland diffhist +25 Ipha talk contribs (release version of sddm doesn't run on wayland)

26 November 2022

     18:43  Firefox diffhist +314 Rapho talk contribs (→‎Tips and tricks: Add Compact mode subsection)
     14:37  CUPS‎‎ 5 changes history +384 [Fhy‎ (5×)]
14:37 (cur | prev) +159 Fhy talk contribs (Specify that HP printers should be installed with hp-setup)
14:26 (cur | prev) −1 Fhy talk contribs (Extra newline)
14:22 (cur | prev) +21 Fhy talk contribs (Created a "Permission" section and moved groups and PolicyKit inside of it)
13:55 (cur | prev) +129 Fhy talk contribs (Better explain how to use lpinfo)
13:43 (cur | prev) +76 Fhy talk contribs (Added hplip as a package that contains drivers for HP printers)
     12:18  XDG Base Directory‎‎ 2 changes history +705 [Thaodan‎ (2×)]
12:18 (cur | prev) +205 Thaodan talk contribs (→‎Hardcoded: Mention rpm in the list of apps with hardcoded paths)
12:07 (cur | prev) +500 Thaodan talk contribs (→‎Supported: Add Osc to the list of apps that support XDG Base Directory)
     06:16  Window manager‎‎ 3 changes history 0 [Erus Iluvatar‎; Fhy‎ (2×)]
06:16 (cur | prev) −152 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (Undo Hyprland addition: it's a Wayland compositor and not a window manager. it is already listed in Wayland#Tiling) Tag: Undo
05:43 (cur | prev) 0 Fhy talk contribs (Hyprland is on AUR) Tag: Reverted
05:42 (cur | prev) +152 Fhy talk contribs (Added Hyprland) Tag: Reverted
     02:10  Samba‎‎ 2 changes history +184 [Ashark‎ (2×)]
02:10 (cur | prev) +182 Ashark talk contribs (→‎Enable Usershares: accuracy flag for permission requirements of path)
02:01 (cur | prev) +2 Ashark talk contribs (→‎Verify correct shared folder creation: add missing letter s in /var/lib/usershareS path)

25 November 2022

 m   13:45  NVIDIA diffhist +3 Bzhb talk contribs (→‎Enabling SLI: fix grep command)
     10:12  XDG Base Directory diffhist +303 Fhy talk contribs (Added jupyter)
     07:10  MariaDB diffhist −1,793 Fengchao talk contribs (→‎Increase character limit: Remove out of date section, it is now not needed.)
 m   06:35  Mpv diffhist −12 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Unable to play audio if PipeWire is masked: cleaner link to masked + reword a little to have a clear visual separation with the PipeWire link + avoid repetition in last sentence)

24 November 2022

     21:45  Mpv‎‎ 2 changes history +3 [CodingKoopa‎ (2×)]
21:45 (cur | prev) −6 CodingKoopa talk contribs (→‎Hardware video acceleration: fix codeblock style)
21:43 (cur | prev) +9 CodingKoopa talk contribs (→‎Unable to play audio if pipewire is masked: s/pipewire/PipeWire, add mask link)
 m   19:06  ZFS diffhist +24 Andrew Helwer talk contribs (→‎Automatic Start: Need to enable to import pools at boot time)
     10:50  XDG Base Directory diffhist +128 Bbllaaddee talk contribs (Add Jmol program that creates .jmol directory in user's home. This is a widely used molecular visualization program for chemistry and biology.)

23 November 2022

     17:34  Mpv‎‎ 4 changes history +459 [Mpan‎ (2×); Cvlc‎ (2×)]
17:34 (cur | prev) −2 Cvlc talk contribs (→‎Hardware video acceleration: typo)
17:33 (cur | prev) +172 Cvlc talk contribs (→‎Hardware video acceleration: permanent configuration for hwdec)
15:56 (cur | prev) −1 Mpan talk contribs (→‎Play a DVD: Fix. a misspelling)
15:53 (cur | prev) +290 Mpan talk contribs (→‎Troubleshooting: A note for systems not using pipewire)

22 November 2022

     18:10  Firefox‎‎ 2 changes history −29 [NetSysFire‎; Erus Iluvatar‎]
18:10 (cur | prev) 0 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Multimedia playback: capitalize ALSA)
17:20 (cur | prev) −29 NetSysFire talk contribs (→‎Multimedia playback: - attempt replacing the video test page)
 m   01:01  VMware‎‎ 2 changes history +34 [SimPilotAdamT‎ (2×)]
01:01 (cur | prev) +4 SimPilotAdamT talk contribs (→‎Package build for x86_64: Add mention of version 17)
01:01 (cur | prev) +30 SimPilotAdamT talk contribs (→‎Package build for x86_64: since the latest version is version 17 and 16 now is its own package in the AUR, I have edited this wiki to reflect this.)