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22 September 2023

     19:58  PipeWire‎‎ 2 changes history +405 [Erus Iluvatar‎; Topas-rec‎]
19:58 (cur | prev) −10 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Run PipeWire on top of native JACK: casing / Template:man)
19:44 (cur | prev) +415 Topas-rec talk contribs (→‎Run PipeWire on top of native JACK: Added additional external resources to pipewire wiki and more details on how to use it in arch. Announced at:
 m   18:12  Clipboard diffhist +4 Lucas mior talk contribs (→‎Managers: Use clipsim-git because clipsim will me removed.)
 m   11:14  List of applications/Utilities diffhist −52 Roman.Starik talk contribs (Changed Umbrello UML Modeller project link)

21 September 2023

     19:40  GNOME diffhist +155 Unrealapex talk contribs (→‎Coverflow Alt-Tab: Suggest changing Alt-Tab shortcut and have Coverflow be an enhancement over that)
     15:35  GTK diffhist +283 Grmat talk contribs (Add info on ADW_DISABLE_PORTAL)
     14:23  SANE diffhist +269 Kuba-orlik talk contribs (I was stuck trying to make a scanner work and this helped)
     13:41  Nginx diffhist +118 VVL talk contribs (Added mention of angie)
 m   12:18  RTorrent diffhist +1 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Create and manage files: typo)
     12:10  Git diffhist +85 Spixmaster talk contribs (→‎Graphical front-ends: Added Gittyup.)
 m   09:10  USB flash installation medium diffhist +1 BjornTheProgrammer talk contribs (Fixed typo in macOS section from "status=progess" to "status=progress")

20 September 2023

 m   16:59  Gitea diffhist +35 Octol1ttle talk contribs (Include 'client_max_body_size' in example nginx configuration to help users avoid 413 Request Entity Too Large)
     06:14  GTK diffhist −96 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Themes: Reshape the section into different subsections, remove not that was commented-out per Help:Style#HTML tags since its content has been split into more logical parts of the paragraphs)

19 September 2023

 m   22:22  OpenSSH diffhist −10 AshMyzk talk contribs (→‎Run command at login: Use the page chapter parameter of the man template)
     20:06  GTK‎‎ 2 changes history +442 [Lassebq‎ (2×)]
20:06 (cur | prev) +59 Lassebq talk contribs (→‎Themes: Fix typo. Add gsettings example)
20:02 (cur | prev) +383 Lassebq talk contribs (→‎Themes: Recommended way to set GTK 3 and GTK 4 themes)
     17:28  Xrdp diffhist −4 Ta180m talk contribs (Reformat /etc/pam.d/xrdp-sesman and note that you have to add it to NoUpgrade in pacman.conf)

18 September 2023

     14:57  KeePass‎‎ 4 changes history −282 [Ua4000‎; Lahwaacz‎; Erus Iluvatar‎ (2×)]
14:57 (cur | prev) −99 Ua4000 talk contribs (→‎Integration: Note deleted, because it's already in the section before.)
06:27 (cur | prev) −124 Lahwaacz talk contribs (→‎Autostart: style, remove obvious tip on creating the directory)
06:19 (cur | prev) 0 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Secret Service: fix red link)
06:18 (cur | prev) −59 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Secret Service: Multiple Help:Style fixes)
     05:59  Zoom Meetings‎‎ 2 changes history 0 [Winslow‎; Lahwaacz‎]
05:59 (cur | prev) −619 Lahwaacz talk contribs (Undo revision 788021 by Winslow (talk) - this is not "installation" but "troubleshooting", /usr/bin/ is reserved for packages and custom scripts should go to /usr/local/bin/, this one will hardly work since the *real* pacmd and pactl have different output formats) Tag: Undo
04:03 (cur | prev) +619 Winslow talk contribs (Added the guideline to run Zoom with PipeWire) Tag: Reverted

17 September 2023

     23:34  Sxiv diffhist +253 Tatsumoto talk contribs (added links to nsxiv since sxiv is hasn't been in development for years.)
     20:15  KeePass diffhist +1,286 ISSOtm talk contribs (→‎Secret Service: Add D-Bus instructions)
     18:42  Nextcloud‎‎ 2 changes history +220 [Drankinatty‎; Wolegis‎]
18:42 (cur | prev) +1 Wolegis talk contribs (→‎Redis: Some tidying up. (Thanks for the note.))
09:20 (cur | prev) +219 Drankinatty talk contribs (→‎Redis: Added correct extension order igbinary then redis or undefined symbol: igbinary_serialize results)
     11:01  KDE‎‎ 3 changes history +106 [Nl6720‎ (3×)]
11:01 (cur | prev) −1 Nl6720 talk contribs (→‎Akonadi: rm gap)
10:57 (cur | prev) +109 Nl6720 talk contribs (→‎Akonadi: Akonadi falls back to using SQLite if it cannot find the mysqld binary)
10:40 (cur | prev) −2 Nl6720 talk contribs (→‎SQLite: replace the removed QSQLITE3 driver with QSQLITE, see
 m   08:30  PostgreSQL diffhist +2 Nl6720 talk contribs (→‎pg_upgrade: style: Help:Style#Notes, Warnings, Tips, Help:Style/White space)
     07:18  Matrix‎‎ 5 changes history −171 [Matthewq337‎; Erus Iluvatar‎ (4×)]
07:18 (cur | prev) −2,102 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (Un-fuck the page: the list of clients is a copy of what's on the list of applications, and feels like it should stay there)
07:15 (cur | prev) −10 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (→‎Configuration: remove unnecessary sudo)
07:14 (cur | prev) +39 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (Light reorder, feels like a better structure is needed still, but this is already an improvement)
07:12 (cur | prev) +127 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (flag for style)
03:20 (cur | prev) +1,775 Matthewq337 talk contribs (added a list of applications)
     06:20  PDF, PS and DjVu‎‎ 4 changes history +1,246 [Lahwaacz‎; Fhy‎ (3×)]
06:20 (cur | prev) −18 Lahwaacz talk contribs (→‎Add bookmarks: remove useless list formatting)
05:54 (cur | prev) +66 Fhy talk contribs (Document PageLabelBegin)
05:53 (cur | prev) +5 Fhy talk contribs (Use update_info_utf8 instead of update_info)
05:52 (cur | prev) +1,193 Fhy talk contribs (Adding bookmarks using pdftk)
     06:17  List of applications/Internet‎‎ 6 changes history 0 [Lahwaacz‎; Erus Iluvatar‎; Matthewq337‎ (4×)]
06:17 (cur | prev) −974 Lahwaacz talk contribs (revert last 5 edits - the #Matrix clients section should stay separate, it does not make sense to merge everything on a single "fediverse" section) Tag: Manual revert
06:15 (cur | prev) 0 Erus Iluvatar talk contribs (Fix spacing / casing) Tag: Reverted
03:18 (cur | prev) −200 Matthewq337 talk contribs (actually removed gomuks) Tag: Reverted
03:06 (cur | prev) +1 Matthewq337 talk contribs (capitalized fediverse) Tag: Reverted
03:05 (cur | prev) +199 Matthewq337 talk contribs (added gomuks to console instead of graphical) Tag: Reverted
03:01 (cur | prev) +974 Matthewq337 talk contribs (added a fediverse list) Tag: Reverted
 m   05:31  Telegram diffhist 0 NetSysFire talk contribs (→‎xdg-open in Telegram Desktop: - shell prompts)
     04:51  DaVinci Resolve diffhist −2 Kquote03 talk contribs (bumped tested dr version, 18.6 works fine (i used the .run file as the aur package is still outdated))

16 September 2023

 m   21:04  List of games diffhist +2 Ian C talk contribs (I replaced old Github link with the actual current repository.)
     17:01  Emacs diffhist +2 Darwi talk contribs (→‎Syntax highlighting for systemd Files: systemd-mode: use ELPA link instead of Github (more official))