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  • ...rtition or/and uses a strong key derivation function (i.e. yescrypt/bcrypt/argon2 or sha512 with PBKDF2, but not md5 or low iterations in PBKDF2) for the sto ...ikipedia:Key derivation function|key derivation functions]], in particular argon2, bcrypt, scrypt and PBKDF2, how to use them, advantages and disadvantages,
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  • If the container is using Argon2, it needs to be converted to PBKDF2 to be LUKS1-compatible.
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  • ...ле, либо использует надёжный алгоритм хэширования паролей (yescrypt/bcrypt/argon2 или sha512 с PBKDF2, но не md5; подробнее см. [[SHA pass
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