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  • Motion can be called with the {{ic|-c}} option to define a specific configuration file (as is th ...give Motion does not exist, Motion will search for the configuration file called {{ic|motion.conf}} in the following order:
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  • It uses a snapshot of Arch Linux mirrors, plus it has two Valve repositories, called {{ic|holo}} and {{ic|jupiter}}. These repositories replaces several core pa There is a default user called {{ic|deck}} that is used for storing steam profiles and games. Other applic
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  • In this example, we create a bridge called {{ic|br0}} which has real Ethernet adapter {{ic|eth0}} and (optionally) a t This example creates a statically assigned bridge called {{ic|br0}} which has real Ethernet adapter {{ic|eth0}} connected to it. Edi
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  • ...s to be a really simple to use software to manage "encrypted directories", called tombs. A tomb can only be opened if you both have a keyfile and you know th To create a 100MB tomb called "secret" do:
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  • The package directory should be the name of the lisp package, not what it is called in Arch's [[official repositories]] (or [[AUR]]). This applies even to sing .../source/'''cl-ppcre'''}}. A Lisp package called ''"alexandria"'' should be called {{ic|cl-alexandria}} in AUR and reside in {{ic|/usr/share/common-lisp/sourc
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  • ...e connected and initialized by default. In BIOS settings this is typically called ''Legacy mode''. ...uired every time a device is connected. In BIOS settings this is typically called ''Unique ID''.
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  • and then copy all symbols required by the project into a subfolder called "symbols". ...reate a gsch2pcb project. Add the following lines to a newly created file, called {{ic|firstpcb.prj}}:
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  • Create a user/role called "slimdns" SlimDNS comes with a tool to modify the database, it is called {{ic|dnstool}} (subject to name change).
    3 KB (392 words) - 08:34, 18 February 2022
  • ...ll into the PKGBUILD. The shell will be run right before {{ic|build()}} is called, allowing you to add any patches or change the kernel config interactively. ...ooks/}}, and uses run-parts to execute them right before {{ic|build()}} is called. The run-parts command is executed with the flag {{ic|--regex "kbuilder-hoo
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  • ...n topology. A master server acts as a central control bus for the clients (called minions), and the minions connect back to the master. Create a file in /srv/salt called test.sls.
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  • ...all boot override". This will add a configuration file in /etc/modprobe.d/ called hda-jack-retask.conf with the appropriate contents. Once rebooted, the comp
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  • ...ectory instead of {{ic|/var/cache/pacman/pkg/}} and a dedicated repository called [nvidia] (instead of the usual [core], [extra] etc...) Obviously this requires an internet connection, so on 'Al' create a directory called {{ic|/path/to/nvidia}} for the files and run:
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  • example on how you could setup a database for Sonerezh with [[MariaDB]] called {{ic|sonerezh}} for the user {{ic|sonerezh}} identified by the password {{i
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  • ...}} to use {{ic|localhost:8080}} as the only backend, {{ic|default.vcl}} is called by the default {{ic|varnish.service}} file.
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  • ...le manner. Keybase also offers an encrypted chat and cloud storage system, called Keybase Chat and the Keybase filesystem respectively. Files placed in the p Keybase allows users to store up to 250 GB of files in a cloud storage called the Keybase filesystem. The filesystem is divided into three parts: public
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  • of the source available for community development and maintenance. They called the release OpenAFS.
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  • ...ding HDD shock protection for HP laptops supporting the feature officially called "HP Mobile Data Protection System 3D" or "HP 3D DriveGuard".
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  •]. In the meantime, it is advised to use the other branch of the project called {{pkg|freerdp}}, actively maintained. See [ * RemoteApp like support called "seamless" mode via SeamlessRDP
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  • Surfraw consists of a collection of shell scripts, called elvi, each of which searches a specific web site.
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  • Also called Elagto EyeTV DTT Deluxe 2009, it is a DVB-T USB device from Elgato intended
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