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  • 用户可能希望仅在当前窗口管理器为 Sway 时才启动某些服务/守护程序(如 {{Pkg|swayidle}} 或 {{Pkg|kanshi}}),并且他们可能还希望这些服务在 Sway 停止时停止。此� 最后,将所需的服务链接到 {{ic|}}。例如,添加 {{Pkg|kanshi}} (或者 {{AUR|kanshi-git}}) 服务:
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  • ...may want to start some services/daemons (such as {{Pkg|swayidle}} or {{Pkg|kanshi}}) only when the current window manager is Sway, and they may also want the ...{{ic|}}. For example, adding a {{Pkg|kanshi}} (or {{AUR|kanshi-git}}) service:
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