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  • ...lications or frameworks provide wsgi for easy deployment and embedding. It means that you can embed your Django-powered blog and your project's Trac into a ...t Apache is running properly. If the previous command returned nothing, it means that the launch of Apache went well. Otherwise, you can see errors with the
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  • ...d as l10n) and '''internationalization''' (often abbreviated as i18n) "are means of adapting computer software to different languages, regional peculiaritie
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  • Razer is not participating in [[fwupd]]. Which means that firmware updates must be done using Windows.
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  • ...ramming language)|Lisp]] packages available in the Arch repositories. This means that at some point or another, more will likely appear. It is useful, there Try to avoid the usage of ASDF-Install as a means of installing these system-wide packages.
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  • The {{ic|sufficient}} keyword means that if pam_usb allows the authentication, then no password will be asked. If you change it to {{ic|required}}, it means that both the USB flash drive and the password will be required to grant ac
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  • ...}}. Therefore the attacker will be delayed by a factor of 65536. This also means that your computer must compute 65536 hashes every time you log in, but eve
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  • If you get an error 16 in wvdial it means that there is no modem present in the port specified by the config, so edit {{Note|If you get an error 16 in wvdial it means that there is no modem present in the port specified by the config, so edit
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  • ...r Protocol|Trivial File Transfer Protocol]] (TFTP) provides a minimalistic means for transferring files. It is generally used as a part of [[PXE]] booting o ...sible to log messages to stdout/stderr, as only syslog is supported. This means the messages can be viewed with [[journalctl]] or similar.
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  • RethinkDB has multi-instance support, which means you can run several independent database instances on the same machine. The
    2 KB (239 words) - 15:30, 17 February 2022
  • what means, your total width is 3600 and your total height is 1230. ...r touch area into a rectangle which is smaller than the total screen. This means, you have to know four values:
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  • It has an interactive help system, which means e.g. pressing {{ic|g}} {{ic|(goto mode)}} shows a dialog with possible keys
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  • Discrete graphics means only the Nvidia GPU is available to the system.
    2 KB (256 words) - 19:39, 29 June 2022
  • on boot, that means your BIOS does not include that specific card in its whitelist. The only op
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  • ...1c0b}} refers to vendor id and product id. If you get different values, it means your modem is not Huawei E173s (of course, you can always open the USB stic Note that the product ID has changed from 1c0b to 1c05. It means that the USB stick can now be used as a modem. Also note that it can take s
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  • This also means that changes made to one of the system partitions are not carried over to t
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  • * "s" for strict: means "strict". Domains from From: shall match DKIM/SPF identifier. * "r" for relaxed: means "relaxed". Organizational domains from From: and DKIM/SPF shall match.
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  • per connection. Also, if it stops, you will lose all connections, which means you cannot upgrade it remotely.
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  • An output of {{ic|87C}} or {{ic|75C}} means it is in performance mode. An output of 1 means it is not enabled, so you will have to reset your BIOS to defaults. After d
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  • ...very light traffic), will also have the web interface traffic shaped. This means that they will barely be accessible.
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  • ...o the NVIDIA chip|directly wired to the NVIDIA chip]]. In loose terms this means that the dedicated GPU must be enabled in order for external displays to be ...[[Bumblebee]] for detailed instructions. The lack of proper v-sync support means that with this method applications rendered on the discrete GPU exhibit tea
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