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  • ...ely you will need to create a residue template file ({{ic|.rtp}}) for your molecule as well as update the {{ic|.pdb}} file. An example {{ic|.rtp}} file for OPL The above command creates a {{ic|''boxtype''}} box around the molecule in {{ic|''protein''.pdb}} at {{ic|''dist''}} nm in every direction. The box
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  • ...kipedia:Avogadro_(software)|Avogadro]]|Editor, viewer and simulator for 3D molecule structures (also supports downloading files from the [[Wikipedia:Protein Da * {{App|Kalzium|Periodic table of the elements with molecule editor and equation solver. Part of {{Grp|kde-education}}.|https://apps.kde
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  • * {{App|KAtomic|Slide elements so they resemble a chemical molecule. Part of {{Grp|kde-games}}.|
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