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  • ...n of the system means that it is quite possible for a server to be briefly unprotected, prior to ''pgl'' launch. To ensure adequate protection, [[extend the unit]
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  • ...and the protected range not cleared (set to 0,0), any changes made to the unprotected (RW) parts of the firmware (mainly SeaBIOS) can be reverted via either a bo ...the hardware write protection is re-enabled, the firmware chip will remain unprotected.
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  • ...uration snippets given on this page are '''insecure''' (specifically using unprotected /RPC2 mounts). It needs an in-depth review, and fixing.}}
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  • randomly generated once during set-up of the disk encryption and stored unprotected as part of the cryptographic metadata. Because it will be a different value
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  • It is highly important to protect your [[boot loader]]. An unprotected boot loader can bypass any login restrictions, e.g. by setting the {{ic|1=i
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