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  • ...accepting compilation requests sent by the client. One can setup multiple volunteers or just a single one. === Volunteers ===
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  • The Arch Security Team is a group of volunteers whose goal is to track security issues with Arch Linux packages. All issues * We encourage volunteers to look over the advisories for mistakes, questions, or comments and report
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  • projects] are very appreciated: Arch's developers are volunteers and active contributors will often find themselves becoming part of that te Arch developers remain unpaid, part-time volunteers, and there are no prospects for monetizing Arch Linux, so it will remain fr
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  • ...kills and knowledge on various technical topics. The classes are taught by volunteers from the Arch Linux community. Classes are held on IRC and anyone is welcom
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  •|Keep in mind that all people you encounter in the Arch IRC channels are volunteers. Be nice to them if you want to receive any help.}}
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  • ...nce toward getting it is unwanted here. Arch is provided by a community of volunteers. Arch users are strongly encouraged to do research, make an effort, report
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