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Notes: No updates since 2014 (Discuss in Talk:Surf (Čeština))

surf je minimalistický webobvý prohlížeč postavený na technologii WebKit/GTK+. Umožňuje prohlížet webové stránky a pracovat s odkazy. It supports the XEmbed protocol which makes it possible to embed it in another application. Furthermore, one can point surf to another URI by setting its XProperties.


Balíček surfAUR může být nainstalován z Official Repositories. K dispozici je ještě balíček surf-gitAUR v uživatelském repozitáři AUR.


  • dmenu pro URL adresní řádek


Aplikaci surf lze konfigurovat pomocí config.h souboru. A sample config.def.h file is included with the source and should be instructive.

As with other packages such as dwm, consider using the Arch Build System (ABS) and maintaining your own PKGBUILD with sources and md5sums for your own configuration and source files.

Extended usage

Patches & additional features

There are many user-created patches available from the offical site that greatly extend the functionality of surf. Patches can be applied to both the source surf.c file and the config.h file:

$ cd src/surf-[version]/
$ patch -p1 < path/to/patch.diff

Tabbed browsing

The tabbedAUR program can be used with surf to create a simple tabbed browsing experience.

A basic set-up:

$ tabbed surf -e

Note that to achieve a similar effect to Firefox or Chromium where upon closing the last tab, the browswer exits, use instead:

$ tabbed -c surf -e

See the man page for tabbed for more details and possibilities.

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