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Backlit keyboard

Divan Santana (talk) 20:21, 9 May 2014 (UTC) This may not be the right place to discuss this, however some ux301la owners will see this which would be helpful (Apologies in advance then). My ux301la motherboard has been replaced 3 times and now the battery once, due to the laptop not being able to switch on at all (completely dead) even with power plugged in. Anyway since it's been back from the latest repair, with Arch Linux loaded now, I can't get my keyboard backlight to work. I know in the past it just worked out of the box. Am suspecting hardware (unlikely but otherwise perhaps a software update broke this). Can any of you comment or confirm this? /sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi directory exists, however the led subdirectory does not.