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Installing linux in EFI mode

The arch wiki explains how to install arch using the legacy boot. But does anybody know if it is possible to install arch (or another distrib) in EFI mode? Also, is it possible to boot automatically in legacy boot without having to type CTRL-L?

I don't know either. If you check the forums, there's a way to enable legacy boot by default. I've tested ChrUbuntu and it seems like they need some magic numbers to be able to boot GRUB. But I didn't dig too deep into that. Nariox (talk) 23:02, 23 March 2014 (UTC)

It's possible to boot automatically into legacy boot. Just make sure you remove the write-protect screw first. Check the wiki for it (; Nariox (talk) 14:18, 11 April 2014 (UTC)

Disable SeaBios

Is there a way to revert SeaBIOS from being enabled by default after wiping the SSD completely and installing Linux to get the recovery chromeOS screen again?--Kihra (talk) 06:25, 29 July 2014 (UTC)

Touchpad Configuration With Slim

I'm using slim as my display manager with LXDE, and noticed that when I went to configure the touchpad by following the directions given by the wiki, slim would crash on startup. Eventually, I tracked it down to the 50-cros-touchpad.conf file that it had me create under /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/. Looking into it, I found out that there were other similar configuration files stored in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/. I moved the configuration file there, and had no further problems.

Sorry if I broke any rules, this is my first time posting. I just thought I would put this out there in case anyone else had any problems with this.

Kincaid (talk) 19:27, 30 August 2014 (UTC)